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Production Process

Are selected for planting areas that are minimally impacted, with little inclination and abundant water resources, these areas are deployed recovery programs and maintenance of fauna and flora.

The Harvest of papaya is performed within the pre-defined patterns of size and ripeness, ripened fruits are packed in plastic containers protected by blankets in order to maintain product quality.

The fruit received in the Fruit Packing House Solo are washed, sorted and classified by officials who receive periodic training to maintain quality of the selection.

The hydrothermal treatment is performed to ensure the quality of marketed fruit and attend Aproach System, which are the norms for export of papaya in Brazil to the United States and Europe.

After hydrothermal treatment, the fruits are pre-cooled and taken to where they will be selected again, wrapped and packed in boxes. The selection is made for packing according to the size (which has its relationship with body weight) and fruit ripening.

The inspection of the pallets is performed prior to shipment, the boxes are evaluated for size, maturity, date of packing and characteristics of each client. 

Following confirmation of the request, the fruit will be palletized and sent to the Board of shipment, chilled to 10 ° C. The transportation to airport has been by refrigerated trucks.





Frutas Solo

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