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Know the Frutas Solo


Founded September 21, 1998 by entrepreneur eng. Agr. Francisco Carlos de Oliveira Vidolin, the Solo Fruit began its work in the field of export of papaya. Was born a huge structure that now has a constructed area of 4,500 m2 (-Packing House).


Its opening was due to the need for its own production and a packing house Sooretama, near the region of Linhares, Espírito Santo, where there is a concentration of more developed production of papaya in Brazil, thanks to constant research and technological advances.

Its main activity is the production and export of golden papaya, papaya organic and beautiful.

The shipments were all originally targeted for Europe, already in 2001 started its activities directed to the American market. The means of transport is by air and sea.
Its market performance in recent years has shown steady growth and solid stability.


It has major quality certifications in 2004 and received the certificate "EUREPGAP Protocol for Fresh Fruits and Vegetable, in 2008 the certificate PIF - System of Integrated Fruit Production and in 2009 the certified organic IBD, several plantations have an excellent product for both for Ceasas like to supermarkets in various regions of Brazil, besides exports.

The company has three areas of production itself, Sitio Bela Vista, Fazenda Apaloosa and Sitio Conilon, totaling 150 ha. Acreage and uses an integrated production system in the preservation of natural resources, quality of life for its employees and safe food to consumers.

Besides papaya, it also provides the passion fruit, heart of palm and green pepper.
As of May 2007 were invited to join the company's business administrator Emerson Vander Silva and eng. Agron. Alessandro Nunes Viera, an expert in quality control.

In 2010 the company began a new area of its own production in southern Bahia state.




Its packing-house which has 4500 m2 divided in parking areas, places where the fruit is treated through washing, heat treatment, treatment which fungicides and sanitizers are used, waxes and drying. There are packing and palletization rooms and cold storage rooms and also loading platforms. The transportation of the fruit up to airports is done by cold storage trucks that the company hired.


The transport to the port is done directly by cold storage containers.


Its main office is located joined with the packing-house.

Nowadays the company packs approximately 700 ton. monthly, within this amount 240 are to be sold to the European market.



Frutas Solo

Escritório Central e Packing-house - Acesso pela Rod. BR 101 - Sooretama - Espírito Santo - Brasil

Rua Robel Correia, 87 - Córrego Alegre - Cep 29.927-000 / Fone: 55 27 3273-1376