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Papaya helps to accelerate weight loss

Papaya is a great ally for those who want to keep fit. It contains enzymes that fight fat in different fronts.

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Benefits and properties of papaya

Papaya has a high content of beta carotene and vitamin C which helps to reduce the deterioration of the arteries, reduce heart disease.

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Medicinal properties of papaya

It's refreshing, diuretic and oxidant.
• Result unbeatable against almost all infections of the body, internal and external.
• Papaya contains a very important ingredient called papain

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Meet the papaya

The papaya tree is a semi-herbaceous stem, hollow, cylindrical and simple. At the top of the tree branches do not see, only large sheets, with yellow veins, sustained for long petioles.

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Our Mission

Economical production of top quality fruit, giving priority to ecologically safe methods, aiming the protection of the environment, people’s welfare, human health and improvement of life quality of its clients and collaborators.

The Frutas Solo has the commitiment to work with the best agricultural practices, aiming  sustainable production, preserving to its maximum the natural resources, combining technology and ecological awareness. We adopted an adequate human resources politics promotes and encourages our employees within a responsible and humanistic vision.

The Company has gone through a lot improvement always focusing on the quality of our work and of our product.

Our goal has always been our constumer´s attendance according to their needs, providing a quality product, directed to its market.

It has 150ha of its own production and 300ha of associate producers. Its crops are supervised by agriculturist that also provide technical assistance to the associate producers.


Frutas Solo

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